Fun Fact: Cinco De Mayo Represents The 1862 Victory Battle At Puebla, Now that you know the reason for the Celebrating, Show some True ( and in some cases honorary Mexcellent pride and dress accordingly. ;)

But that doesn’t mean that Mexicanos and basically everyone else ( who is an honorary Mexican for the day) Doesn’t Love a Great Pari! We’ve got the gritos, the tequila, the tacos, the cerveza but most importantly, the CORAZON in these awesome, original tees that will be the hit of any Cinco event in 2022!!

We’ve gone loco through most every design here at House Of Chingasos and we’ve chosen our favoritos to make you the best gift giver for yourself or your closest Latino/Latina friend, co-worker, employee or boss. Score big friendship points for all that great food you’ve been grubbing!

1. The “El Viejo” Vintage Greaser Tee

The “El Viejo” Vintage Greaser Tee
This one’s a classic throwback to the Old-School. If you know a Latino, let’s say...of a certain age jaja this shirt is a Must-have no a doubt. Classic oil-black 100% comfy pre-shrunk, it’ll be a favorito for years. We sent our amigo Mario Lopez one for his Birthday this year. Feliz cumpleanos Slater! :)

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2. Cross-Culture OG Bandera

Cross-Culture OG Bandera

This vibrant design is a beautiful addition to anybody’s collection. It represents the ties between Mexican and American culture, and their shared history. Perfect for the 100% Latino 100% American. Orale!

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3. Borracho Fire

Borracho Fire 

Let your inner-Borracho out this Cinco!! We’re all wearing this one for our Cinco de Mayo Fiesta this year. Bold, fun and vibrant, this baby is perfect for May 5th or yeart round at any party or bar. Everyone will be asking you where you got it. Tell em you little borracho!

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4. Luchador Loco

Luchador Loco T-shirt

Basically Mexican art on this one, Vibrant colors with our own crazy Luchador and skull design, complete with los pajaros lucadores. This shirt wins on every level. Rocking it this Cinco will be a decision you won’t regret amigos y amigas!

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5. La Jefa Del Jefe Classic Old School

This if for the BOSS of the Boss! ;) They say behind every man is a good woman? This one is far from behind, right side by side and often leading out in front. For the awesome Latinas who are fierce af. Talk about Boss babe.

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6. Mexcellent-Nuff Said

Simple. Iconic y muy Chingon! (That’s Badass for our non-Spanish speaking friends) This Bold print is a fan favorite and gets everybody stopped down he street... “ Where did you get that???” Is what everyone hears.

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7. Chingona Retro

Chingona Retro T-shirt

Chingonas! For all the badass ladies who celebrat in style! Colorful, bold just like you. The perfect gift for any lady this Cinco. Almost guaranteed to get you a free shot.

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8. Borracho Nutrition Facts

Borracho Nutrition Facts T-shirt

Just the facts. Every great trait everybody needs for that over the top partier this Cinco De Mayo. No shame in your borracho game baby. Get all the laughs this year at the bar or fiesta guaranteed!

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9. Mariachi Sugar Skull Fuego

Mariachi Sugar Skull Fuego T-shirt

Let your inner-Mariachi shine with the flaming sugar skull. This one is so vibrant and fun you’ll stand out among all the the other homies this Cinco De Mayo. Don’t you just love this one? We do fasho!

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10. Honorary Mexicano

Honorary Mexicano T-Shirt

We’re ALL Mexican this Cinco de Mayo. Wear your Honorary Mexicano Tee and have bestowed upon you all the rights and priveleges this day. Please return to your regular nationality May 6th. ;)

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11. Battle At Puebla Lifetime Member

Battle At Puebla Lifetime Member T-shirt

This if for the fam that celebrate the Battle At Puebla! Classic Bold and sharing the reason for all the Celebrating!

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12. Mood Tequila Cinco De Mayo

Mood Tequila Cinco De Mayo T-shirt

If there were ever a shirt that encapsulated Cinco De Mayo. This is it. Tequila? Check. Mariachi? Check. Vintage print to rock the party? DOUBLE CHECK!

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13. Borracho Major League

Borracho Major League Cinco De Mayo Tee

Chingones, If You Don't Wear This Shirt To The Next BBQ, Tailgate, Game Or Party, Turn in Your Borracho Card.

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14. No Cerveza No Trabajo OG Snapback

No Cerveza No Trabajo OG Snapback

You’ll probably taking the day off but just in case let everyone know...No Cerveza No Trabajo!

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15. El Jefe And La Jefa Del Jefe

El Jefe And La Jefa Del Jefe

Pretty Much the Best couples shirts ever. For the Boss and The Boss’ Boss!

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BONUS 16. Sugar Skull Vengeance

Sugar Skull Vengeance T-shirt

If you can find a more beautiful detailed print, go get it because this one is a Classic! The Vengaza Tee rebel tee will be a hit Cinco de Mayo and All Year Round!

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BONUS 17. El Borracho Chingon

El Borracho Chingon T-shirt

Only for the most badass Borrachos! Let Em know where you got it and celebrate in style. ;)

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BONUS 18. Tacos Chichis Y Cerveza

Tacos Chichis Y Cerveza T-shirt

The holy trinity of any Mexican Pari Yall! You need nothing else, you want nothing else to make this Cinco De Mayo Party Perfect! You know it, we know it!

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