15 Dope Shirts That Rep Mexican Awesomeness

15 Dope Shirts That Rep Mexican Awesomeness

We LOVE Our Latino Friends! The real definition of “Friends with benefits”!

Besides basically getting free Spanish lessons for life (or at least some great Spanglish insults “cabrones!”), you’ll never go hungry with that Latin hospitality, immediately become a part of nuestra familia...sooo many perks! They always have the best gossip ( aka chisme”) and are fiercely loyal to friends and family. Enjoy what’s sure to be a lifelong frienship full of fun, food and crazy times!

We’ve gone loco through most every design here at House Of Chingasos and we’ve chosen our favoritos to make you the best gift giver for yourself or your closest Latino/Latina friend, co-worker, employee or boss. Score big friendship points for all that great food you’ve been grubbing!


1. The “El Viejo” Vintage Greaser Tee

This one’s a classic throwback to the Old-School. If you know a Latino, let’s say...of a certain age jaja this shirt is a Must-have no a doubt. Classic oil-black 100% comfy pre-shrunk, it’ll be a favorito for years. We sent our amigo Mario Lopez one for his Birthday this year. Feliz cumpleanos Slater! :)

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2. Libre OG Chingon

Inspired by old Mexican movie posters for movies de Luchadores, the super heroes of their days, and is dedicated to everyone out there fighting against hate and the pinches haters! Vibrant colors and chingon print in a soft comfy shirt makes this a must have for the collection.

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3. I'm Nice, Pero No Te Pases


You know to draw the line between jaja Y Basta! Everyone from Mijas To Abuelitas Chingonas can wear this beautiful Azteca print with sass and pride.

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4. Estar Guars - Pendejo You're My Only Hope

Estar Guars - Pendejo You're My Only Hope

Taquitos De Taun Taun Pa Mi Gente. What can we say? You know you love it, let your inner chingon geek shine.

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5. La Jefa Del Jefe Classic Old School

This if for the BOSS of the Boss! ;) They say behind every man is a good woman? This one is far from behind, right side by side and often leading out in front. For the awesome Latinas who are fierce af. Talk about Boss babe.

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6. Mexcellent-Nuff Said

Simple. Iconic y muy Chingon! (That’s Badass for our non-Spanish speaking friends) This Bold print is a fan favorite and gets everybody stopped down he street... “ Where did you get that???” Is what everyone hears.

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7. I Just Look Illegal Classic

If there’s anything that should be deported it’s the notion that anyone different than you is less-than. GTFO. People go loco ( in a good way ) for this shirt and we get the best support and comments when in the streets. Talk about restoring your faith in mankind. Orale!

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8. El Jefe / La Jefa Del Jefe Couples Tees

Behind every Jefe is a Jefa that knows what’s up! This couples set is such a favorite for those awesome couples that work hard, play hard and make aspire to being an awesome couple.

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Get "La Jefa Del Jefe" Here

9. La Bruja Vintage OG

LONG BEFORE IT WAS DEEMED THE DEVIL’S WORK, BRUJERIA, OR WITCHCRAFT WAS CONSIDERED A HEALING AGENT. I think it’s pretty accurate to say that the world is in dire need of some feminine energy right now. We like to think of W.I.T.C.H. (WOMAN IN TOTAL CONTROL OF HERSELF). This shirt is about empowerment and bad-assery.

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10. El Gordito Vintage

Ok, so for this ones, it’s probably be best if you’re pretty close amigos! Unlike in English, “Gordito” ( masc. of chubby) is often used as a term of endearment and our customer’s reviews agree. If you know a Menudo wrecking machine, get them this shirt it’ll be a hiit or get you a chingaso. Gordita also available.

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11. Puro Carne Asada Baby - El Gordito

Puro Carne Asada Baby - El Gordito

You didn't choose asada life the asada life chose you. That's how it works, and that's what this Taco Gear shirt is is all about.

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12. El Jefe De Chefe

If you’re friends with Latinos, you know cooking is huge in the culture and the guys have it on lock just about the same as the ladies. We have our favorite salsa recipes and we know where to get the best carne asada (you know, that little spot “Los Primos” carniceria?) and we grill up right! Get this tribute tee for the Chefe de Jefe.

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13. The Devil Whispered... Bring Tacos

This one's for the taco freaks. Taco Tuesday is their favorite day of the week and they work hard to support their delicious addiction. Thousands of fans say This one’s a classic and one they'll wear proudly and often.

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14. The Chingon Snapback Collection

These lids represent! Latinos awesome humore and heart shines through in all these quality snaps. Get all the laughs at evrey parrillada, bbq, party or just walking down the street. Keeping the sun outta your eyes never looked so cool.

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15. Madre - Nutrition Facts

You’ve heard of sugar and spice and everything nice, right? Well Latina Moms have even cooler ingredients and way more of them. This is a great gift for any Mom to put a big smile on her face. Or at least keep you from getting some chanclazos!

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16. BONUS Chingasos Takeout Taqueria Throwback

Chingasos takout taqueria is open for business.... monkey business! This shirt is one of our favorites complete with Dragon gripping some delicious, fresh tacos to go. Perfect for The Taco Lover or the Don uan of the Group. Hard or Soft ( Tacos) We Deliver, Guaranteed.

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